Wednesday, 4 February 2009

why does it always rain on me...?

Wednesday 4th February 2009
and just when i thought we were well and truly OUT of the rainy season, it comes back with such a vengence that i can hardly believe it. the past few days have been absolute reminds me of a post way back when i was still in dublin...these grey just doesn't seem right to be in bali and to see grey skies. and of course, needless to say, it sure ain't a lot of fun being on a motorbike when a torrential downpour can't put down the visor because it's tinted and makes everything too dark and when i ride with it up...well my glasses get all spotted with rain...yikes! i like rain when i'm snuggly under my blankie. anyway, the batik above is one of my absolute favourite designs. it is called mega mendung, which means huge rainclouds and comes originally from cirebon in java. when i see it, i remember that rainclouds can be beautiful and no matter what, after every storm, there are clear skies. so here's to the rainclouds...pour down for the rest of the week, but please, please, clear up by saturday morning, so i can have a day at the beach...please?