Sunday, 28 March 2010

if it's good enough for anthony bourdain then it's good enough for me...

Sunday 28th March 2010

no trip to Bali would seem to be complete without a trip to the now-famous Bu Oka's Warung in Ubud. made famous by that most adventurous of food gurus - anthony bourdain, the warung sells only babi guling or in english, suckling pig. the dish comes with an interesting array of bits and bobs of the pig and some vegetables. the meat was succulent and soft and super tasty, the crackling was, that's not the crackled in your mouth...i don't really know any other way to describe it! the soup was full of flavour and the meat in it soft and just seemed to kind of dissolve in the mouth. for Rp. 40,000 you get the whole set of soup, rice and meat and if you haven't tried it then a stop off here is something to put on your list. it gets very busy around lunch time, so i'd recommend going a little later if you want to avoid the crowds. there are two locations now - one in the centre of Ubud and one just outside in the village of Mas. i went to the one in Mas and it was a little quieter with a lovely seating area upstairs, with floor seating.
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