Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fried rice fit for a king...

Fried rice is a favourite dish here loved by both locals and tourists alike. After three and a half years of living here I can honestly say without hesitation where I have found my favourite version of this beloved dish....and it is (drum roll, please!) Warung Sobat. First of all, the name of their version, nasi goreng a la raja, which loosely translates as fried rice fit for a king lets you know you're in for a BIG treat. Once set down in front of you, you are greeted by a plethora of treats. Not only have you been given the fried rice itself...but to keep it company there is a fried egg, fried chicken leg, chicken satay, fried prawns in breadcrumbs and some crackers to top it off. It is indeed fried rice fit for a king as this dish would be usually served with just rice and a fried egg. Nothing on this plate disappoints. The satay is topped with a peanut sauce and has been cooked to perfection with the meat still succulent. The prawns are big and very crispy. The chicken leg is also crispy. The fried rice itself is cooked with chicken and vegetables. It's not greasy and has a good flavour to it. When you've polished it all off and washed it down with a glass of deliciously cool iced orange, you do perhaps feel like you need a couple of king's porters do whisk you away back home. It's very filling but at Rp. 29,000 an absolute steal! And if you need a moment to gather yourself before raising youur now king-sized belly off the seat you can take in the fabulously kitsch love-making frogs statues scattered around the place. Almost not to be missed as much as the fried rice!
Did I mention they do deliveries too? Of the food that is, not the froggies!

Warung Sobat
Jl. Pengubengan Kauh,
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