Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Green School...a greener look at life

so what's all the fuss about this amazing school that is enticing me from half way across the world, you might wonder? Green School, in my opinion is not just ANY school, it is the school of the future. i believe it is leading the way for schools all over the world to follow. it is a pioneer, exploring education and creating a campus that i have never seen the likes of before. i have searched my whole career for a school like Green School and now i am blessed to have found it in its early stages. i get to grow with it and contribute to its growth into a special and inspiring place for learning and living.

the thought of going back to living so close in connection to the environment feels me with such peace. i am so excited by the ideas and plans that the school has for sustainable living and cutting down on that 'carbon footprint'.

you must go and check out the Green School website and just click through the beautiful images of the campus. if they in themselves are not enough to inspire, read about the projects and plans the school hopes to implement in the months ahead. it is an exciting place to be going so stay tuned for helping your life look a little greener...
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