Tuesday, 1 July 2008

wake up and smell the flowers!

ok, so with a little over 3 weeks before i depart for Bali, it really is time for me to wake up and smell the flowers and hopefully they'll give me some aromatic kick up the proverbial because i really need to sort out my things and decide what i am going to bring with me...i hate those decisions. i'm always one of those "get to where i'm going and realise i've left behind something i really want" kinda people and it annoys me when that happens so this time i want to be a bit more organised. of course the reason i am putting it off so much is it involves rooting through a garage load of boxes that came back here from Singapore and it also means really being picky about what i want to bring. the airlines limit to 20 kilos...maybe 25 on a push and a flutter of the eyelids if it's a male check-in attendant but that's it...and that's not a lot. over the years i have always firmly believed that those of us traversing the planet to start a new existence should be given some special dispensation from the baggage allowance limit because, hey, we genuinely need the stuff (this as opposed to people coming back from holidays with a bagful of crappy, dodgy souvenirs!) ok i'm being mean, i know, but it's been so long since i had to limit my stuff and now i'm all outta whack with the system.

ultimately though, the things that one needs in Bali are actually very minimal...when i lived there 10 years ago, i survived as a volunteer, living in the kampung of the headmistress of the school where i worked and had a bag of belongings. that was it! so if i've done it before, i can do it again. i know i can, i know i can. ok, ok enough procrastinating...it's off to the garage...
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