Saturday, 31 January 2009

toot! toot!

Saturday 31st January 2009

yes, yes, today i feel like i have many things to toot a horn about...first things first...i'm back! yes, finally i am re-connected to the world wide web after an absence of close to a month! such i have missed blogging so much...serious withdrawal symptoms!
second bit of news to toot about - i have moved house AGAIN! but this time, fingers (toes and eyes) crossed that this will be the last move for awhile. i finally re-opened boxes today that had been sealed up for months and it was like christmas all over again, opening objects wrapped up in newspaper and re-discovering their contents. my house, which is actually a cottage, is so beautiful and magical, that i have fallen hopelessly in love with it already (and i haven't even spent the first night here yet!) it is made of bamboo (yes - i have made my peace and the stormy love affair continues anew!) and is just so full of character and it gets is walking distance from the beach! photos to follow shortly...
third piece of fabulous news to toot about is that i am finally mobile - i have slowly mastered the art of motorbike riding and life has just not been the same since. i never knew that being able to get myself around would bring me such a sense of freedom and pleasure...but then again, i am destined to be the captain of my own ship - so why not a motorbike too. admittedly it's an automatic and all you have to do is hit the gas or brake...but for any of you who have ever been here and experienced bali roads...well you would know what i mean when i say that every day surviving on the alleys and back roads, is a day to rejoice!
so there you have it, a quick update of all the fantastic things i've been celebrating about these past couple of weeks...and there will be more...2009 is off to a tooting good start!
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