Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Xich Lo...Vietnamese deliciousness nestled in the rice fields

After driving by Xich Lo many times, we finally decided to try it out for lunch. It's right round the corner from where we live but you know the way sometimes you just take for granted that somewhere will always be there so there's no rush? Well, I have to get back into going to new places and not falling into that easy way of just visiting all the familiar places. Yes, I'm back in Bali and loving every second of it all over again. 
Back to Xich Lo, it's a small Vietnamese warung that looks right on to the rice fields. The 'window' seat allows you this stunning uninterrupted view of green bliss. The menu selection is quite small but covers all the main fare that you would find in Vietnam. There are raw spring rolls, fried spring rolls, papaya salad, noodle soups, rice dishes and a pork sandwich. We had the raw spring rolls and papaya salad to start with and they were delicious and fresh. I went with the beef noodle soup which was delicious and Hubby went with the rice and pork which was well presented and tasted great. Is like to say I have lots of photos of delicious food, but it was 2.30pm and we stopped on our way back from the beach after a good swim so when the food came there was no time to snap the deliciousness. Next time we are back I will update with more photos, because there will definitely be a next time. This place is too good for just one visit!
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