Monday, 6 October 2008

bali buddha, kerobokan

Monday 6th October 2008

no trip to kerobokan (or ubud, for that matter) is complete without a stop at Bali Buddha - a health food cafe and shop that serves delicious food that is good and wholesome. so naturally whilst in kerobokan, i had to stop in for a bite of lunch...

for me, it's all about their club sandwich...i love it. chunky cut french fries, served with a way-high staked sandwich that is just bursting with goodies. meat is replaced with tofu, then there's egg, tomato, lettuce and and onion between hearty slices of brown bread. served up with a decent portion of homemade tomato ketchup. getting your mouth around the sandwich is an experience in itself...keeping it together between your fingers is also pretty fun too (but makes for excellent finger-licking closure!) and those french fries...well i just can't get enough of them. it is definitely the most healthy club sandwich i've ever had!

a great drink i tried...the detox! i mean it sounds good already and comes with aloe vera, mint, ginger, lemon and honey. it tastes surprisingly great...i mean sometimes i think these health drinks taste like what i imagine a 'sock' juice might taste like. but this was good...tangy, smooth and definitely drinkable!

raw food seems to be all the rage these days...i guess people are beginning to see the importance of not boiling, frying and grilling the be-jeepers out of everything and bali buddha has recognised this and offer a raw food segment on the menu. so i tried the spring rolls...totally brought me back to my days in Laos, where they eat these spring rolls at just about every occasion. wrapped in rice paper and stuffed with mint, carrots, tofu and vermicelli noodles and served with miso and peanut sauce...these were raw goodness in every gobble!

so one and all, when in bali do as the healthy do and get your skinny backsides down to bali buddha and jump on the health kick! you won't be disappointed!

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