Wednesday, 15 October 2008

magic mushrooms???

Wednesday 15th October 2008
it's all about looking for the magic in the world around us. so often we overlook the tiny delicate things of beauty that are right in front of our eyes and if we only stopped for a moment to take them in we might feel all the better for it. i spied this mushroom delicately growing in the garden of my classroom and was just mermerised by its' perfect formation. its' colour almost ethereal, it's shape so defined, it perched precariously on the clay as if struggling for dear life, as if at any second it might drop off. i didn't know anything about it, but when asked was told that it was poisonous if eaten and i wondered how something so fragile, so enchanting could be harmful. but then, isn't that the way of the world. appearances can be so deceiving. we are fooled by the enchantment of others, led astray by the facades that people and things offer us and ignore what lies beneath. such is the intense mystery of magic...and so, this beautiful mushroom will have to be swept away - its' danger eradicated from the very environment it has chosen as home. but i am thankful, that it did not go unnoticed - that its' stunning appearance was captured for a moment and its little bit of magic allowed to work its' way into my vision and for a moment, just a moment, enchant me...
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