Sunday, 12 October 2008

living next door to Lisa...

Sunday 12th October 2008

so, my next door neighbour is Lisa. Lisa Kusel. And in between being like a big sister, a listening post, a co-conspirator, nurse, friend, advisor, she is also a writer - where DOES she find the time? She has written two books and i recently borrowed them to read.

Other Fish in the Sea, is a collection of short stories revolved around the character known as Elly. I found each story completely absorbing as I followed Elly and discovered more and more about her character and events of her life. It was an intriguing way to get to know a character, sometimes through the eyes of the character and at other times from another perspective. I love short stories too. There is something so incredibly complete about a short story because within a few number of pages one is satisfied very quickly and then gets to repeat the process again and again as they encounter each new story.

Hat Trick is Lisa's second book, a novel this time, revolving around three characters - Peter, Mona and Hannah. Lisa builds up a gripping plot as she interweaves the lives of the characters with one another and tantalises us with flashbacks throughout to help us learn more about the lives of each character and their histories together. i found the book hard to put down as i became engrossed in the lives of the people in the story and i love when that happens.

Lisa, baby, bring on the next one...which will surely be the most gripping read of all ;)

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