Sunday, 5 April 2009

getting misty at kebun raya, bedugul...

when in bedugul, a visit to kebun raya (or the botanic gardens as it called in english) is a must for me. first and foremost, the weather is completely different to what one experiences in kuta. bedugul is cool, foggy and almost jacket weather. the botanic gardens themselves are lush, green and a mixture of tropical and forestal (is there such a word?). there are beautiful big forest trees next to ferns and bird of paradise plants. it is a beautiful spot. full of plenty of nooks and crannies where one can unpack a picnic, unpack life, lay back and just enjoy being at one with nature. i love sometimes the way you can be sitting there and suddenly the mist will descend out of nowhere and blanket the area and then just as quickly lift and disappear. it is due to the fact that you are up in mountain country. and boy, is the air refreshingly clear and clean. you feel like you want to be able to bottle it and store a couple in your bag for those trips you have to make through denpasar, where the air continues to be somewhat less clean and clear these days.
on the way into the botanic gardens there is a food market selling everything from fresh herbs, to rose plants. the strawberries are a must...i can buy a couple of punnets (not sure that applies to what i actually get mine in here!) and scoff my face with them, be smeared with strawberry juice and then have a vile stomach ache or be covered head to toe in hives, for my disgusting gluttinous sins! but it's worth it, because the weather, the strawberries, the trees...reminds me a little bit of home and for a moment, just a moment, makes me miss ireland - gloomy weather and all!

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