Saturday, 11 April 2009


Saturday 11th April 2009

i want to be lost forever in the ricefields of jatiluwih. was back there again over the weekend with a friend. i can never be bored of such vastness. for i think we always needed to be reminded of how truly insignificant we are in the presence of nature and all its glory and constantly think about how we can protect our precious planet. we are mere specks...but yet can wield such evil, can wreak such havoc, can cause such destruction. what has happened to the human race? sometimes i feel so shielded here in Bali from all that is happening 'out there' in the rest of the world and although most days i am thankful for that. when i eventually do catch up with the news, i feel such intense sadness, such dismay, at what is unfolding just beyond the horizon, just out of reach. with the approach of Earth Day, i am hoping together with a colleague to instill a little bit of love for the planet in my students...a few moments in jatiluwih seems to do it for me...for my 4 year old students, i might need to get a little more creative...!
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