Saturday, 4 April 2009

rock on...nasi rawon!

Saturday 4th April 2009
nasi rawon consists of a special spicy beef soup served with rice. it is a traditional food originating from East and Central Java. commonly, the beef consumed in rawon is cut into bite sized pieces. the very special spicy soup is prepared with a grinded mixture of spices. the grinded spices are first cooked in some oil till aromatic. then this cooked spice paste is put into boiled stock along with the beef and the special dark/black colour of rawon comes from the addition of keluak nuts (fruits of the kepayang tree - which i believe is a mangrove tree native to Malaysia and Indonesia). it is then completed with small bean sprouts, sambal and salty duck eggs.
i tasted this while on holiday in Yogyakarta. the soup was delicious - it reminded me of the taste of oxtail soup and tasted great with even bread just dipped in it. rich, flavourful and aromatic...a very interesting breakfast!
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