Thursday, 14 August 2008

airy fairy, quite contrary, how does your pineapple grow?

Thursday 14th August 2008

the wonder of growth! i recently spotted for the very first time, a growing pineapple! and it was such a miracle to me how it grows...i had no idea and was in such awe. and this is just a snippet of what i am learning while being here. the wonder of growth is all around me here on the Green School campus as i walk through the grounds every day and see another sign of the speed at which things grow here. recently we have also been having some rain and the effect this has had is astounding...all the living fences that have been planted around the campus are suddenly sprouting green shoots and leaves. i feel so invigorated and rejuvenated being surrounded by so much growth. i see the endless possibilities in each day. i see the wonder of life. i feel the power of the earth and it runs right through me with each step i take. i breathe and know that no matter what everything will be alright (not just because Bob Marley said so) but because i feel it and am empowered by the wonder in everything. i remember every day what it feels like to be a child again as i experience everything again with fresh eyes and learn things that i never knew or had long since forgotten. i close my eyes and am thankful for opportunities...
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