Wednesday, 20 August 2008

the answer my blowing in the wind

Wednesday 20th August 2008
some days i feel like i have far too many questions. some days i feel like i need to know the answer to all those questions now or else it will drive me over the edge. i feel the impatience rise within me and strive to inhale with a deep breath and remember the importance of taking time, of exhaling slowly, counting to ten before acting. i know that i have always strived to work for the things that i believe in. i have always tried to hold fast to the things that i believe in and keep them in my sights and never lose sight of them. for if i lose sight of those things, those guiding principles, then i am not being true to who i am. and that for me, would be the worst thing i could do.

it's been a rough few days with much to think over...and i feel just like this windmill photographed on the beach at Sanur, as it whirrs around, being blown whichever way the wind decides to move it. i look ahead to striving for stability, for feeling like my feet are planted more firmly in the ground and that my life, at some point will be fully under my own control and not susceptible to the whims of others.
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