Saturday, 16 August 2008

Mepantigan...the 1st open championship in Bali

Saturday 16th August 2008

the first Mepantigan championships were held this weekend in Bali at Green School. Mepantigan is a relatively new balinese art form and according to sources on the internet - Mepantigan is a form of Balinese martial arts that involves techniques of throwing and securing one's opponent that is found in self-defense traditions around the world. Mepantigan also includes Balinese drama, contemporary dance,and Balinese gamelan music. participants wear uniforms consisting of bebuletan(sarong), kancut(sarong ornamental border), guladginting(undergarment), and udeng(head-dress). these martial arts can be performed on the beach, in the mud or rice fields, or in any open space. practitioners of Mepantigan gain physical fitness, release stress, and learn valuable lessons in camaraderie and sportsmanship. in addition to gaining valuable skills and agility, both emotional and spiritual intelligence is emphasised. accordingto Putu Witsen Widjaya, the founder and senior teacher of Bali Mepantigan Arts and a martial arts champion, students of Mepantigan develop important characteristics and avoid violence while cultivating compassion. as he observed, "Wherever proper martial arts develop, evil will diminish and a respect for others will grow. this is particularly true for those who practice Mepantigan, which is a celebration of the spirit".
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