Monday, 18 August 2008

the doorway to...

Monday 18th August 2008

the quality of craftsmanship here in Bali is truly amazing. i mean from the tiny trinkets on sale in the art markets to this - the doorway to what appeared to be a home. i mean how incredible is it! i can't say that i personally would want the doorway to my home to look like this...but as a piece of art it is truly astounding. the wooden carved doorway with the metal doors inset. you cannot help but stop and stare as you pass by. it might feel a little like the doorway to the depths of the darkest nightmares - especially with that demonic-type character overseeing all those who pass through. but to think that someone carved all that from wood...well like i said, the craftsmanship in Bali never fails to disappoint. wherever you go you have to remember to keep your eyes open at all times to catch those amazing creations all around you.
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