Monday, 11 August 2008

a bug's life!

Monday 11th August 2008
ok, so what do you do when you come home and you see the scariest looking creature just hanging out on your mosquito be a complete and utter girly-girl and go in search of campus security and plead with them that there is a massive bug in your bedroom and tell them you won't be able to sleep unless they help you take it away! don't ask me how i struck up the courage to actually photograph it...i mean my heart was really pounding i kept thinking that mid-photo it would just make a dive at me or land on me or something to such effect. i thought for a nano-second of putting my finger near it so that you could get a proper idea of its' size but then saw that horn on the end of it's whatever and decided against it! then of course, when the security came, he just tapped it off the mosquito net and picked it up and put it outside. 'ini tak bahaya, ibu' ('it's not dangerous, miss) he says with a twinkle in his eye as he laughs at me hiding behind one of the bamboo pillars...ya, ya, ok...i know, i'm a right over-reacting psycho, totally useless and out of my depth in this jungle existence but c' does look pretty freaky, for crying out loud it's got hairy legs - SERIOUS hairy legs!!!!
so you see, as you all sit in your rooms, wherever you may be and wish that you were on the other side of the planet, sunning yourself on a glorious beach, stop and think for a you have bugs of this magnitude sitting on your beds to welcome you home each day???
oh ya and size -wise, this guy was as long as an index finger and as wide as two and a half fingers that's a SERIOUS bug!
after a quick bit of googling...i have discovered this is a rhinoceros apt name indeed considering the size of that horn you can see! and from the looks of it they can grow up to some pretty large sizes! as for me, i'm just glad i have a mosquito net hanging around my bed so that this fella didn't think he was getting into bed with me for the night!
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