Monday, 2 March 2009's just you and me again, baby!

Monday 2nd March 2009

NEVER say never....and aren't i lucky i didn't...i wrote a certain little love post some time back about my tumultuous love affair with bamboo and even though it was rocky that one day i might welcome bamboo back into my life...and lo and behold...a charming bamboo cottage found it's way into my life that i am now renting in Batu Belig in Canggu...with a mere 3 minute walk to the beach. it's perfect. full of character and charm and i just adore coming home to it every evening and find it hard to tear myself away to leave in the morning...and let's face it...isn't that supposed to be the way you feel about the place where you set up home. i am blessed...and bamboo...thank you...i didn't give up on you, nor you me...and we're together again...
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