Saturday, 28 March 2009

warung italia...mama mia!

Saturday 28th March 2009
one of my favourite spots to eat in the Kuta area is at Warung Italia at Jl. Kunti, Seminyak. what i find myself craving for at various points in any given week is there fabulous italian tapas that they serve up with fresh bread. my usual indulgences would be the meatballs, squid, carrots, spinach and potatoes...generous servings of each on a nice big plate. you choose them from a display case located at the back of the restuarant. then of course, there are the pizzas. delightfully thin, floury crusts and perhaps over 40 different selections to choose from. i adore the pizza italia with rucola, sun dried tomatoes, olives and ricotta...fabulous, flavourful and all to soon finished. as of yet i have not yet branched into exploring the pasta dishes, though they are numerous and range from traditional favourites such as bolognese to gnocchi. with the number of times i frequent this could i not get round to it. but i really do have to tear myself away from the tapas bar.
prices are reasonable - the location is like a warung...ceiling fans, wooden tables and a view of the world going by on the always busy Jl. Kunti outside. you can stay for hours here...believe me i know...

Warung Italia,
Jl. Kunti,
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