Wednesday, 25 March 2009

the BEST place to eat in Jogja...

Wednesday 25th March 2009
thanks to a very thoughtful friend, we found on our first night his highly recommended choice for dinner in Jogja. it's called Milas Vegetarian restaurant and is absolutely not to be missed. the setting is beautiful - on covered bamboo platforms around a lush garden. and the menu...well, once you open it up and see the delicious treasures that lie within, you immediately start calculating how many nights you'll be in the city so you can fit in eating here as much as possible. with everything being vegetarian, there are options such as tempe burger, tempe steak, rosti, and salads with home-made cheese, to an array of indonesian dishes substituting tofu or tempe for the usual meat...the prices are to die for almost as much as the cheap and yet everything was delicious.

my favourite snack had to be singkong goreng (fried cassava) that were like french fries but so much more flavourful and were served with homemade tomato sauce and chilli. they were thin, crispy and so delicious. other dishes i tried were the tempe burger, gado-gado, milas salad (with good homemade cheese) bakso with tempe balls and nothing failed to satisfy. the only reason we didn't eat here on the last night was because it was closed...sob sob...

Milas Vegetarian Restaurant,
Jl. Prawirotaman 3,

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