Sunday, 15 March 2009

blissed out at COZY...

Sunday 15th March 2009
ok, if you're here in Bali and you've never been to COZY, well then, sorry but you just haven't lived...for me, it is THE best place for foot reflexology and i would gladly sell my soul to have a lifetime worth of weekly massages.
so why is it so special...well first of all, you arrive off a busy road to a place of peace and tranquility with cascading waterfalls at the entrance. you take a seat and if you haven't made an appointment, fear not, because you are never left sitting more than 10 minutes to wait for the next available therapist. i do make an appointment, simply because i have fallen in love with the hands of one particular therapist who knows exactly the amount of pressure i like. you choose the kind of reflexology you want...there's anti-stress, insomnia, poor circulation, energising, etc. and you also choose the kind of music you want to listen to on the little mp3 player you're given.
once you are called, you head upstairs to a very comfy chair that faces a calming fish tank, the lights are down low, and the bliss begins.
the massage takes 1.5 hours and includes an hour on your legs and feet plus half an hour on arms, shoulders, neck and head. you can ask for the pressure to be strong, or light, depending on how you like it. i kinda hover somewhere in-between. i like to know i'm being massaged but hey, no need for agony either, right. i mean it's supposed to be relaxing. and it is just right...phones are silenced, people speak in whispers and with your chill out music gently playing in your ear, you just kinda float away. and suddenly the therapist is whispering in your ear that it's over...and with a sigh, you gather yourself back together and prepare to face the world again...a little more prepared and a little less tense.
this is a popular place, when i go there are always people in various stages of arriving, waiting, leaving...and the customers are local and western alike. the prices are incredibly reasonable for the service, the ambience and the experience. my 1.5 hour foot reflexology is about Rp. 80,000. for that price, really how can you resist. they offer lots of other massages and services including facials and manicures/pedicures. i haven't tried anything else so far...i just love the foot reflexology too much...

Sunset Road Blok A/3
telp: (0361) 7472762
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