Sunday, 22 March 2009

nasi gudeg...a jogja speciality

Sunday 22nd March 2009

so while in jogja, the local speciality had to be tasted. it's called nasi gudeg. the main ingredient is unripe jackfruit. this food is a mixture of sweet and delicious flavors because it is cooked with milk squeezed from coconut and sugar. gudeg is served together with krecek fried chili sauce (sambal goreng krecek), and side dish such as chicken meat, eggs, tempe (fermented soybean cake) and tahu (soybean curd) cooked together with the gudeg.
this was a choice for breakfast at the hotel we were staying at in Jogja...and although i am not a big fan of such things so early in the morning, i figured it had to be tried.
the jackfruit dish was interesting...very sweet and almost fel like you were eating a dessert. it was that you really didn't want to eat too much of the rice. the chicken was soft and fell off the had obviously been cooked for a long time. the egg must have also bee n boiled for some time in various spices because it was dark brown on the outside and a lighter brown on the inside. it was soft and full of flavour. the krecek - tahu and tempe was interesting. the tahu had an almost jelly like quality to it, but the tempe was good...still firm and a spicy taste. i can't say that i would want to eat it every morning for breakfast, but it sure was a fascinating array of flavours and textures...
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