Tuesday, 15 July 2008

almost blooming there...

a week to go...yikes! and suddenly it seems like i am grossly under-prepared and on the verge of running around like a headless chicken...but no! what do i do instead...just sit around, contemplate life, go for walks and basically all the things i shouldn't be doing. such is my way of dealing with things!

the way i look at it, as long as i have a bag to throw my stuff into come next week, then so be it! that's really what it comes down to. i like to think that i'm going back to being a creature of fewer comforts and sorting out the real necessities from the the mindless clutter that we all sometimes gather round us in our life. i'm so ready to just let go of things, things, things! travelling light...such a fabulous concept. i've never understood how people can fill their lives with so many things. i must admit i have never been like that. i've always enjoyed a good spring clean to rid myself of the accumulation. when i was living in Singapore not so long ago, i used to pass this house sometimes when i was out walking and usually it would be at night. when you looked in the window (it was close to the road, ok, i'm NOT a peeping tom!) all you could see were stacks upon stacks of newspapers and this elderly man just sitting in the midst of them all. it used to terrify me. i'm not sure if you've ever read the book 1984 by George Orwell but in it, the guy is put into a room - Room 101 - which is a torture chamber and it always contains your biggest fear. well for me, my room would be full of useless clutter!

ok, so the things i still have to do...
1. send box of teaching materials via DHL to Bali
2. pack things maybe this should read as SORT out and pack useful clutter
3. print e-ticket
4. say goodbyes
5. get on airplane

can it really be so simple?
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