Friday, 4 July 2008

a beginning seedaholic!

so, one of the projects i am REALLY looking forward to starting when i get to Green School is planting a herb garden. i have developed a real love of herbs these past couple of months and more so with fresh herbs which just have such a wonderful flavour and are so great in a variety of dishes from savoury to even sweet ones. you can see some of those experiments over at my baking blog ~airy fairy cupcakes~ where i have been enjoying the effects of herbs in cupcakes to great results!

the herb garden will be located in the garden of my classroom and i have been thinking that rather than creating just one space to grow the herbs in, i will plant them all over the space so that the whole outdoor area itself will become a herb garden with scents wafting all over the place. a real stimulation to the olfactory sense! and hopefully from there, will encourage my prospective students to explore and learn about all those amazing herbs out there - we can dry them, create collage pictures with them, cook with them, oh it will be so exciting - i can't wait!

hopefully with all those seeds i can also set up a little window box herb garden in the bamboo cottage that i will soon be calling home and be able to experiment more in my own baking adventures.

just a word about where i got the seeds from...i was so excited to discover the website for Seedaholic - a site selling such an array of seeds and with so much information on each seed telling you about the medicinal properties, culinary well as how to grow them. and when the seeds arrived each packet had that information sheet attached to them which will really help me in the 'herb garden project'. the best part is that when i mentioned to the owner of the company that i was bringing the seeds to a school, she offered to send me surplus seeds at the end of the season. so i will definitely be turning into a seedaholic!
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