Wednesday, 2 July 2008

the great irish summer continues...

ok it's 4pm here in Dublin, Ireland and this is the view of the sky...and yes, we are supposed to be in the midst of summer. then people wonder why i am packing my bags and heading down south closer to the equator...i mean with a 'summer sky' like that and two to three months of such summery skies to potentially look 'forward' to, why, oh, why would you subject yourself to this and stay?

the sad thing is that Dublin might actually be a more bearable place to live if we were guaranteed at least two to three months of decent sunshine and temperatures. you could really get out and about and make the most of the long days. however, the past two to three weeks have been nothing but misery. grey skies, rain, wind and general doom and gloom.

now i've been watching Wimbledon all last week and this and it's unbelievable. i mean they have had so many days of blazing sun and beautiful blue skies...and London is a one hour flight away! and generally when the weather moves on from Dublin it should make its way over to England right? but does it? no! how does that happen? i believe there is some king of negative-weather-mojo permanently hanging over Ireland...there must be...i mean what else could possible explain such crummy weather here and such fine weather one hour away.

anyway...i shall not spend much more of my energy moaning about this as in three weeks, i shall be soaking up fabulous sunshine and hopefully getting in some trips to the beach and goodness knows where else...but i shall spare a thought for those suffering under the negative-weather-mojo back here and shall send all good thoughts for a few rays of sunshine!
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