Tuesday, 29 July 2008

a classroom with a skylight!

...and here you have the first glimpses of the space that will eventually be my classroom. i am completely in love with the skylight in my class. it is the most amazing thing ever and especially that lovely space inbetween that i can see as the perfect little nook for taking your book into and having your own little quiet reading space! and the fact that the class looks like a beautiful thatched circus tent. it feels like a very creative and inspiring place to learn in. the garden still looks a bit barren, i know, but we'll get there eventually and when we do it should be a beautiful space with a herb garden, shady spots, weaving paths, climbing spaces and playful pits with sand and water. i cannot wait until it is ready and full of the children that will make up my class, of which there are 12 already. it is exciting to be so involved in creating a space that is full of wonder and joy and that will be a warm, nurturing environment for my young students.
watch this space because it certainly won't be staying like this for much longer!

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