Saturday, 26 July 2008

home, sweet bamboo, home

welcome to my new home! this is where i will be for the next year at least...or maybe longer...who knows? when i arrived on saturday morning and brought here...i couldn't believe my own perfectly-sized little house complete with kitchen, bathroom with rain shower, chill out area and upstairs sleeping area. love it! it's surrounded by beautiful plants, trees and the best's made completely of bamboo! incredible! what an amazing structure! i'm into my third day here and loving every minute of it. it's so great to be in a place so close to the outdoors and surrounded by growth and the natural environment. the school is the next few days i'll be taking photos of some of the many amazing elements within the school and telling you all about them...especially the vortex pool, which is truly mesmerising! meanwhile i am still enjoying settling in and getting to know all my new colleagues and many people who make up the project here that is Green School...

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