Thursday, 11 September 2008

life's minutiae...

Thursday 11th September 2008
if there is one thing that i have learnt to do over these past weeks on this incredible campus, and with all the many issues that arise from such a vast and jungle-like campus, is to try and put aside the minute details that so often bog us down and prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. i must admit though, that i am a details person. i love all their extraordinary tiny-ness, they just captivate me and hold my focus. i can easily while away a few hours staring at cracks in the has its good and bad sides...i mean, when something is dragging on, like a meeting perhaps, i can just shift focus and see something tiny somewhere in the room and totally lose sense of where i am and what is going on around me...on the other hand it didn't work well in school when i was suddenly shot a question due to having such a faraway look and naturally had no response whatsoever! well today, i was sitting waiting for a meeting and then i saw it...the tiniest leaf, in all its semi-decaying glory, with its innerness revealed through its veins and there behind it...two red berries. this is why, you just have to stop and enjoy the details. it is one of the most beautiful contrasts i have seen on campus...the decay of the leaf contrasted with the succulent red of the berries...breathtaking...i'm done with the bigger picture for now, i do see it... but for me, it really is all about watching out for the details...i need that.
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