Friday, 5 September 2008

watch out for coconuts!

Friday 5th September 2008

we had an amazing inpromptu lesson in preschool today when we had discovered that a coconut had dropped from one of our trees and landed in the garden. the head gardener called the coconut cutter, Pak Putu, and within seconds he had climbed up the tree to an amazing height. once there he proceeded to cut off some precariously positioned coconuts and with the most amazing 'thud' they landed on the ground! he was back down within seconds and then swiftly chopped the tops off the coconuts and allowed each and every one of us to have a delicious swig of fresh young coconut water. it was so refreshing! the children and adults were truly amazed by Pak Putu and the very limited materials he needed to help him get up the tree. i am truly in awe of the skill he displayed and his fearlessness in getting up that coconut tree with its thin trunk and staggering height. it is this ability to be able to show children spontaneously, the many gifts of others around the Green School campus, that sustains me in my teaching and reminds me at every moment how lucky both i and the children are...
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