Wednesday, 3 September 2008

reach for the sky!

Wednesday 3rd September 2008
Green School opened! with a zing and a whoosh, we welcomed students to their first day of school in the jungle and suddenly the place looked so different with the children there. with the youngest at just 2 years old and the oldest at 14 years, there is indeed a great array of experiences. children from around the globe and around Bali and they all came together in this special place. at preschool we had a magical day filled with wonder and laughter and lots of smiles. we sang, drew and jumped around lots too.
Friday is our grand opening ceremony and each individual classroom will be blessed in this process so i will be looking forward to experiencing that with the children. blessing ceremonies here are a beautiful process with flowers, incense and holy water and i will tell you more about it when i post photos on friday. there are animal sacrifices too, but we won't mention that as it is not being done in front of the children (although there are a few crazy dogs on the outskirts of campus that i would quite happily nominate for candidates - one in particular that woke me up this morning before my alarm!) i wonder if they need any human that would really get me thinking!!!!
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